Emergency Services Unit

The primary mission of ESU is to provide assistance and support to other emergency personnel during incidents that may be beyond the scope of normal police training and capabilities. These incidents may include, but are not limited to: medical calls, hostage situation, EDP’s/barricaded subjects, high risk warrant service, violent crimes in progress, disasters and terrorism response.

Entry level training for all ESU operators consists of a 10-week program including rescue, tactical, medical and weapons training. Additionally each member undergoes monthly weapons and tactics training and regularly participates in County-wide training exercises.

 ESU Officers duties include:

  • Intermediate/Advanced Emergency Medical Care
  • Hostages Rescue
  • Violent Crimes in Progress
  • Barricaded / Suicidal Persons
  • WMD/Homeland Security
  • High / Low angle rescues
  • Train/Bus emergencies
  • Bomb threats/suspicious packages
  • High-risk & no-knock warrant service
  • Water / Ice Rescue