Reentry Initiative

The White Plains Reentry Initiative is a public safety and social strategy focusing on subjects leaving the Westchester County Penitentiary to assist them in preparing to reenter the White Plains community and to develop an ongoing support system afterwards that will reduce the likelihood of their reoffending and increase the probability of them becoming productive members of the community.

 White Plains Reentry Initiative team members are:

  • City of White Plains Department of Public Safety – Police Bureau
  • Westchester County Department of Corrections
  • Westchester County Community Mental Health
  • City of White Plains Youth Bureau
  • White Plains Public Library
  • Grace Community Church – Open Arms Shelter
  • Greenburgh Health Center
  • AIDS Related Community Services (ARCS)
  • Solutions – St John’s Riverside Hospital
  • Father’s Count – Family Services of Westchester

The team members participate in monthly panels held at the Westchester County Penitentiary, at which representatives from each entity of the team address inmates that will be returning to White Plains. Each team member tells the inmates about the resources and support their agency can provide to them while they are in prison and upon their return to the White Plains community. The inmates are also informed by law enforcement what the consequences of re-offending may be. The team collectively and professionally conveys a unified message that the White Plains community is aware of the inmate’s incarceration and pending release and that the community is concerned for them to be able to have productive lives in the White Plains community.

This successful program has been replicated by other Westchester County police Departments. The success rate is a 70% recidivism reduction.