Explorer's Program

The Explorer's Program is a collaboration of the White Plains Department of Public Safety - Police and Fire Bureaus and the White Plains Youth Bureau. The Explorer program is affiliated with Boy Scouts of America and is opened to young men and women.The participants are under the supervision of Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Youth Bureau Aides. The Explorer program emphasizes five areas of juvenile development: Career Opportunities, Life Skills, Character Education, Citizenship, and Leadership Experience.

Requirements for enrollment include: Must have graduated 8th grade; must be 14 to 20 years of age; must be in good physical condition; and must be in good academic standing in school.

Explorers may be invited to participate and assist in police department events such as parades, walk-a-thons and other public gatherings. Some Explorers are invited to participate in classes where they can experience responding to calls for service and are exposed to radio operating procedures, paperwork, report writing and the normal routines of Community Policing. Explorers will also undergo training such as fire safety and crime scene investigations

Exploring is a career education program, which provides youth in the community with insight into future possible vocations. It is also a positive alternative to negative youth activities such as drug abuse or involvement with gangs. Explorers are also recognized for their participation through awards and the prestige that comes with a sense of accomplishment.