White Plains C.L.E.A.R. Initiative

The White Plains Department of Public Safety is committed to functioning as a gateway for individuals who have made the decision to obtain help in the form of detox and rehabilitation as appropriate. 

We will facilitate the assessment and placement process utilizing SOBA College Recovery 24 hour hotline and placement staff.

We will allow for you to relinquish your personal use drug contraband with amnesty of arrest.

Contact us at (914) 422-6111 or come to

Public Safety Headquarters
77 South Lexington Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601

This initiativeis designed to give members of the community a safe way to seek help for drug addiction without fear of incarceration, judgment or embarrassment, as well as to provide resources to give them hope in becoming independent and overcome their addiction.

The CLEAR Initiative is demonstrative of the continued commitment of The White Plains Department of Public Safety to employ innovative policing strategies for providing resources to address issues within the White Plains Community.