Holiday Package Thefts

Online shopping offers a safe and comfortable respite from unruly crowds, but it has its own hazards. Many people who have gifts shipped to them have the packages left at their doorsteps by their carriers, and these unattended parcels prove irresistible to thieves, who need to do nothing more than walk away with them when no one's looking.

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FD Launches Video on the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

The White Plains Fire Department has created a video on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide as part of its public education program. The video, which is called “The Quiet Killer,” runs 7 minutes and was produced with funds donated to the Department by Fenway Golf Club.

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Statement from Mayor Tom Roach regarding the verdict in the Chamberlain Case

“This case was decided in a court of law, which is the appropriate forum for the issues raised. I would like to thank the jury for their work and their commitment. We must not forget that in addition to the matter of law decided today, there are still people experiencing the loss of a beloved family member. This is why I would like to express again my sincere condolences to the Chamberlain family.

The officers of the White Plains Police Department are well trained professionals who are committed to protecting the public, often under difficult conditions requiring split second decisions. I commend them for their willingness to put themselves into difficult situations every day and I would remind everyone that this case has been reviewed by the Westchester County District Attorney’s office, a grand jury, and the US Attorney’s office.

We must, all of us, now work toward healing by asking ourselves how we can continue to make positive change going forward. That will be my focus and I hope the focus of everyone in our City.”

2016 Citizens Academy

The White Plains Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce the continuation of the Public Safety Citizen’s Academy. This special and exciting eight-week program is intended for the residents of the City of White Plains who want to learn more about the White Plains Public Safety Department.

This Academy is offered FREE of charge and is a hands-on, interactive, behind-the-scenes program that is taught by experienced police officers, fire fighters and emergency medical personnel.

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