Back-To-School Safety

As the school year starts, we at the Department of Public Safety wish all of our residents and school age children a wonderful and safe year. To that end, we have posted some basic back to school safety tips. Please take a look at them and adjust them according to your schedule and child. Public Safety will be out there, highly visible and enforcing traffic laws to ensure that our children have a safe passage to and from school. As a reminder, if you see something, say something. Community and Police working together will ensure that everyone is well protected. Have a great and productive school year.

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White Plains C.L.E.A.R. Initiative

The White Plains Department of Public Safety is committed to functioning as a gateway for individuals who have made the decision to obtain help in the form of detox and rehabilitation as appropriate. 

We will facilitate the assessment and placement process utilizing SOBA College Recovery 24 hour hotline and placement staff.

We will allow for you to relinquish your personal use drug contraband with amnesty of arrest.

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IACP Statement - July 28th, 2017

In consideration of comments made recently regarding police interactions with alleged offenders, the City of White Plains Department of Public Safety - Police Bureau echoes the International Association of Chiefs of Police statement of July 28, 2017.

"Managing use of force is one of the most difficult challenges faced by law enforcement agencies. The ability of law enforcement officers to enforce the law, protect the public, and guard their own safety, the safety of innocent bystanders, and even those suspected or apprehended for criminal activity is very challenging. For these reasons, law enforcement agencies develop policies and procedures, as well as conduct extensive training, to ensure that any use of force is carefully applied and objectively reasonable considering the situation confronted by the officers.

Law enforcement officers are trained to treat all individuals, whether they are a complainant, suspect, or defendant, with dignity and respect. This is the bedrock principle behind the concepts of procedural justice and police legitimacy."



  • Often directed at elderly persons, or local businesses.
  • Callers allege to be from a legitimate company and that you owe money right away. 
  • Threaten to cut off service, have you arrested, or some other immediate penalty. Callers insist that you pay by Green Dot card, Walmart/Target gift card, ITunes card, or money gram, wire transfer, etc. primarily but may suggest other types of pre-paid cards.
  • High pressure – insist you pay in a short period of time. They request you get the card and give them the number off the back of the card.
  • Requests may also be made through phone or email.
  • In general, NO LEGITIMATE COMPANY WOULD INSIST OR MANDATE THIS TYPE OF PAYMENT. If a company, utility service, etc., demand you purchase money cards and call them back with the money card serial number, IT IS ALMOST CERTAINLY A SCAM.
  • Call the real company to verify whether you owe money and how payment may be received by them (Do not use number given by them, use a phone number from a bill, receipt, phone listing, etc.)
  • Callers have purported to be from several business or government entities, including but not limited to the following:
    Con Edison - Cablevision - White Plains (or other cities) Court - Water Department US Marshalls (or other law enforcement re: warrants for arrest) – IRS – (taxes overdue)

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