FD Launches Video on the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

The White Plains Fire Department has created a video on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide as part of its public education program. The video, which is called “The Quiet Killer,” runs 7 minutes and was produced with funds donated to the Department by Fenway Golf Club.

 “The Quiet Killer” explains the dangers posed by Carbon Monoxide (CO), as well as how residents can protect themselves and avoid exposure. In addition to the video, the Fire Department will be distributing an educational brochure about Carbon Monoxide to households where they have responded to a CO alarm. They will also be providing a CD of the “Quiet Killer” to all households where an elevated CO reading is recorded.

“We want to see this video distributed as widely as possible,” said White Plains Fire Chief Richard Lyman. “When it comes to Carbon Monoxide everyone needs to be aware of the dangers and how to prevent exposure.

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