Apartment Burglary Tips

The commonality of the apartment lifestyle often makes it relatively easy for criminals to observe the behavioral patterns of the residents. In some cases, the burglars may even live in the same neighborhood as you. Do you live in an apartment, and want to thwart potential burglars? Follow some of these simple tips to protect your home and valuables.

 The White Plains Department of Public Safety would like to make you aware of the following recommendations.

  • If your building has an intercom system, use it wisely.
  • Lock all doors and windows even if you are only going out for a minute.
  • Verify who is at the door before allowing access to the building.
  • Refer solicitors and information seekers to the building superintendent.
  • If the person requesting entry does not cooperate, call the police.
  • Be alert for suspicious persons, sounds or actions in your building. Notify the police at once.
  • If you have a deadbolt on your door use it or have one installed.
  • Leave a light on and a radio playing quietly when you go out.
  • Use a peephole to “interview’ persons that come to your door.

When in doubt call the police, DON’T HESITATE, Call 911 for emergencies and 422-6111 for non-emergencies. There is a CRIME TIP HOTLINE where anonymous information can be given 24 hrs a day 422-6256.