Home Burglary Prevention

Your home is considered a sanctuary where you should feel safe. Your home is the only environment where you have control over who can get close to you or your family. Protecting your home and family from criminal intrusion should be high on your list of priorities.The following home burglary prevention tips will help to make you and your family safer. Let us work together to protect you and your home.

The White Plains Department of Public Safety would like to make the following recommendations.

Protect your home while you are out

  • Always keep doors and windows locked - even for a five-minute trip to the store.
  • Use strong reliable locks such as deadbolts.
  • An easy and inexpensive way to secure your windows is to drill an angled hole through the top frame of the lower window partially into the frame of the upper window. Then insert a nail or eyebolt.
  • To improve security on sliding glass doors, you can install keyed locking devices or place a piece of wood or a metal bar in the track of the closed door to prevent the door from being opened.
  • Turn on lights and leave a radio or TV on so it looks like someone is home.
  • Use exterior lighting, especially motion sensor lights.

If you are going out of town for more than a day

  • Call 422-6111 (Police Bureau) and request that your home be checked in your absence.
  • Get an automatic timer for your lights and consider leaving a radio on. Make it look like someone is home.
  • Make certain that you arrange to have the mail and newspaper delivery stopped or picked up by a trusted neighbor.
  • Arrange to have your lawn mowed while you are gone.
  • If you have an alarm, activate it.
  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway overnight.

If you see anything suspicious CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY
911 FOR EMERGENCIES 422-6111 For non-emergencies
422-6256 for anonymous crime tips hotline (recorded)